Dr Geoff Walton

Principal Investigator: Dr Geoff Walton, Senior Lecturer, Dept of Languages, Information and Communications, Manchester Metropolitan University.
Geoff moved to MMU in August 2016 after 3 years at Northumbria University
during which time he and colleague Dr Ali Pickard secured British Academy/Leverhulme Trust funding.
He has also worked on research projects including the EU AMORES project (an Approach to Motivating learners to Read in European schools):
, visual metaphor in information literacy (the Fishscale of academicness), ASKapp time-management and information literacy smart phone application and information literacy and self-efficacy. Geoff was research mentor for the ILG Research Bursary project Go Digital Newcastle. He was also Principal Supervisor for research projects
on information literacy in Vietnam and qualitative big data in social media.
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