Further Information


This information literacy site is brought to you by the CILIP Information Literacy Group, and is ran by information professionals who are actively involved within the area. The website is a valuable resource for those wishing to find out about the latest developments in information literacy, providing news, case studies, examples of best practice, and freely available toolkits.


Post-Truth Experts

The ‘Post-truth experts’ page focuses on debunking misinformation and the issues regarding fake news. The portal provides contact details of a global network of misinformation experts.


Sheila Webber Information Literacy Weblog

Sheila Webber is an expert in information literacy, and alongside her work at the University of Sheffield, maintains a blog, available via the above link, ‘curating information literacy stories from around the world since 2005.’


Fake News Quiz

Why not try out a fake news quiz? This website puts your information literacy skills to the test, providing a number of actual published news stories, which you have to decide whether they are real or fake.



The European network for Information Literacy (EnIL) is a network of researchers, drawn from a host of European countries, who are actively involved in Information Literacy research. The website offers a number of publications, networks, and activities focused around Information Literacy.